Level Finder

There are lessons available for all levels and ages groups.

Off piste, freestyle and splitboard courses available for ‘Rider’ level and above.

Check out our level finder to see which one best describes you before booking a lesson or course. Mixed groups can be accommodated but ideally the group members should be within 1 level of each other to gain maximum benefit.

Please quote one of the following when booking:

1. ‘Beginner’ (1-4 days riding experience):

  • Lessons from Day 1 of your new life. A good place to start (or restart)!
  • ‘Beginner’ also extends to if you cannot yet link left and right turns.
  • Remember, Shaun White and Nicholas Muller also started at this level…

2. ‘Learner’ (1 week riding):

  • You can link turns but not consistently left and right.
  • Technical development will help you to progress to different terrain comfortably.
  • Relaxing into good technique makes it easier + less scary…

3. ‘Intermediate’ (1-3 weeks riding):

  • You could link turns on blue-red slopes on your last session but may be a bit rusty.
  • Training on the basics will help gain confidence moving towards exploring steeper, bumpier or icier terrain. Now make it look easy…

4. ‘Rider’ (1-2 weeks riding/year for years):

  • You’ve been on many trips and are happy to get down most things in resort on piste.
  • You are solid enough but bad habits may be holding you back from experimenting with freestyle/switch riding for example.
  • You may have hit a progression plateau, do you want to get to that next level man?
  • Confidence is like a balloon, time for take off…

5. ‘Advanced’ (long-term rider looking to the future):

  • You are a confident rider in most terrain and conditions.
  • Good edge control, awareness of basic freestyle, switch and off-piste riding.
  • It’s time to work out why you sometimes slam the rad when you should be shredding the rad.
  • So, you’re pretty good, let’s see you do a <insert task>…

6. ‘Expert’ (seasoned snowboarder who wants to push the limits):

  • Experience in off-piste, freestyle with good board awareness.
  • You are aware that you can always fine-tune your performance and that little things count for a lot.
  • You may want to take your best riding into the backcountry and maybe develop bigger park tricks or take freestyle to the backcountry. (Awesome, rad, gnarly).
  • Nice one, let’s see how far we can take this…