If you are booked onto a lesson or course, Horsemouth Snowboarding can collect you and take you to the relevant area. This does however need to be arranged and confirmed and we reserve the right to decline. This is mainly dependent on where you are staying in the valley.

We can also drop you off at the end of the day after full-day lessons (including courses) and after two-hour or half day lessons upon prior arrangement. Please bear in mind I may have other lessons to attend to straight afterwards. There is very good public transport from all Chamonix ski areas.

There is space for 4 passengers in the car.

Extras will need to make their own way to and from lessons, first come, first served.

On the freestyle programme, excursions to other resorts will require travel arrangements to be made.  We can take 4 passengers as usual.

Between Chamonix and Geneva Cointrin (GVA) it is best to book yourself onto a shared transfer service with one of the following companies:

Prices vary between €22-30 one way