Snowboarding is like life.

Category: News on 19-08-2014

Some Philosophical Ramblings from the captain of HMS Snowboarding

Truth: You might as well make it fun while you have the chance.

Our ethos: Maximum freedom of expression = maximum expression of freedom. Everybody loves the feeling of freedom. Freedom from constraints; social, physical, mental barriers. Freedom is also having the right or means to grow, explore, experiment and create. To do what you want, when, where and how you want. It’s fundamentally about empowerment. To expand and express your freedom fully, you need to first acquire then use various skills in order to be able to seize the opportunities that present themselves or those you create.

Improving your knowledge of words and how to use them, for example, allows you to express yourself verbally to the fullest but first you need the tools and an opportunity to do so. Once you have these you are empowered and can take matters into your own hands and start creating.

This can be transposed onto snowboarding as being able to pull off whatever you want, at any time, in any situation. Empower yourself, explore, experiment and express yourself in a variety of environments and start getting creative.

This surpasses FUN, it’s also FULFILLING.

Granted, it’s an ideal we can only dream about but that’s already a good start eh? For now we can only give ourselves the best chance, the highest percentage of achieving our goals safely and consistently.