Lift Passes

Category: News on 02-01-2023

Try to unbend your mind about the gamble that is the Chamonix lift pass pricing structure


Which one to choose?  It’s a question I get a lot so I thought I’d write this to clarify a few things. It depends on your budget, how keen you are, your ability; you and your group’s whole holiday plans basically…

There are basically 3 types in Chamonix Valley.

The Unlimited

This covers everything below and the ‘extra’ sites like the Aiguille du Midi, Montenvers and surrounding resorts such as Megeve, Saint-Gervais, Les Contamines and Courmayeur in Italy as well as a day in Verbier (Switz) and some other stuff.

If you are feeling like you really don’t want to have to think about which one to buy and just want to throw quite a bit of cash at the issue, this is for you. I think this one should be bought as a 1-day pass for when/if you need it. Eg. If you want to go to Brevent in the morning and visit the Aiguille du Midi in afternoon.

1 day price: 76 €

Internet advance price €74/day (bought 3 days in advance)

355€/6 days

There are better reductions for multiple days before December 16th and after April 1st.

There are also other advantages such as reductions to swimming pool and free shuttles to Megeve etc

More details:

Le Pass

This is the ‘normal’ Chamonix Valley one which will get you to most everyday places except Les Houches which has its own tickets (or is included in the ‘Unlimited’).  

Brevent, Flegere, Balme/Le Tour and Grands Montets are all completely covered by this (until maybe the new lift at GM is built), as well as all beginner areas except for Les Houches.

Online there is some kind of dynamic pricing system which has some good discounts:

You have to commit to this at least 3 days in advance but the benefits can save around 15-20 euros per day, a pretty good option.

Standard price: €62/day

Internet reduction: around €41/day in Jan for example

300/week instead of 310 (!) online.

There are better reductions for ski days before December 16th and after April 1st.

Beginner Areas

This is an unadvertised pass that gives access to the green runs at Flegere and Brevent. When the snow is better up there than the areas below, I go there.

There are also areas such as Planards, Le Savoy, La Vormaine and Le Torchet that have their own prices, more like 25€/day. These are the areas you’ll use on your 1st and 2nd days (at least).

I prefer to say just get them on the day but there might occasionally be a better deal out there in some cases.

It should be noted that often there are days you stay in town, when the weather is bad or you want a lie in so a week long pass is rarely the best option as far as I can see.

Lift passes give you free use of the buses but not the train, for that you need a ‘carte d’hote’ that you get from your hotel/chalet or from the tourist office (airbnb etc).

Well, it’s a minefield but I hope this helps!